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Day Treatment provides stabilization and intensified services for clients needing multiple types of intervention on a frequent basis to restore them to a previously higher level of functioning or to prevent a possible deterioration into a more intense level of care. Treatment is intended to provide educational and motivational interventions to keep clients engaged in treatment, promote healthy social interactions, independent living, and self-sufficiency. Emphasis will also be placed on fostering resiliency and increasing skills to promote mental health stability and recovery.


Clients participating in day treatment programming will attend 2-4 times weekly depending on their current needs as determined by the treatment team and the client's individualized service plan. Admission criteria are any Marion County resident 18 years of age or over, with significant mental health symptoms that prevent them from functioning at their optimal level and are at risk of not being able to maintain at an outpatient level of care. Discharge is when a less frequent and intense service will maintain the client's progress and increased benefits are minimal.

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