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Therapeutic Behavioral Service

(Case Management)

Helping people to live a productive life is the main goal of the case management team. Serving both adults and children, case management delivers services to the severely emotionally disabled population of Marion. Case management becomes the broker of community services in Marion by tying in a variety of services and managing care for clients to assist them in experiencing a meaningful life. Their supportive role and therapeutic input, through programs like home base, allow this population to maintain a self-supportive living.

The child case managers have direct contact with children throughout the schools and other child-serving agencies. Case managers work with teachers and counselors to help children to gain the skills and self-confidence needed to grow in a healthy manner.

A Licensed Independent Social Worker contributes to community support services by acting as a liaison between the hospital and MACC. This LISW helps clients that are in the hospital to work toward discharge at the earliest possible time. The LISW helps the client to take advantage of community resources and provides support services as they transition back into their home environment.

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